The arrival of Emilia


I have thought a lot about how to start telling you about my birth experience, all I can agree on is that I had one of the best births you could ever imagine.

We woke up on August 1st as usual, around 8:00 am, after a somewhat uncomfortable but not alarming night. We ate fruit for breakfast and went for a walk like we do every day, around 10:30 am we were already thinking about what to have for lunch and I felt inapt and sleepy, that was strange?

At 11:00 am, I got up to offer my husband coffee, when I felt water, literally…touching me and I said “love! it’s time!” he with a nervous smile said no, it was still at least a week away.

My mom and sister were also starting to move to know what they were doing and what we would do, and I would tell them this is just the beginning, it could be at night or tomorrow or the next day…with all the tranquility in the world.

I told Dr. Misael and Mailen that my water broke and both of them confirmed that we were just starting and that we were watching the contractions

We started to arrange things for when it was time, it is worth mentioning that we were not ready because in theory it was 15 days and at least 1 week more, we still went to buy fruit and things that we needed for when we arrived at Salud Primal.

We ate as a family and around 4:00 pm we wanted to take a nap that we didn’t manage to do between the excitement and three very short, spaced out contractions, two strong ones, but nothing to start with all that was planned, we got up, I wanted to keep arranging things so we could go to the labor house when it was time and I started to get really embarrassed.

I got into the bath around 6:00 pm and that’s when the pain started, the contractions in my case were very strong and close together, at 7:15 pm I was already having contractions every 4 min for 1 min, at 9 we were checked by Dr. Misael and we were already 9 dilated! At 9:32 pm our beautiful Emilia was born, only with Misael in Salud Primal because the equipment did not arrive until later since it was very fast that the contractions started to go into the transition phase.

I was very excited to live the whole experience with my doula Mailen, the tub, the exercises, the ball, the music, the oils, the waves, it hurt to live the whole process, but it didn’t happen, instead I had a super fast delivery, but still beautiful.

Even so, we are very grateful to the team for making us feel so comfortable and confident from the first day, Nayeli, Dr. Misael, Diana, Ceci, Mailen, Dr. Estefania, Dr. Oliver. Thank you very much for helping and assisting us.

We are happy and grateful, our little girl was born as we wanted, in a humanized birth, with all the strength and love of mom and dad in the living room, in the privacy of a room, without additional interventions. I cannot express my happiness and gratitude anymore! We are happy!

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