Lactation Consultant

Mothers who have enjoyed the joy of breastfeeding tend to feel motivated to share their experiences. Nevertheless, first time mothers do need a little bit of help to get things going. At Salud Primal we acknowladge this important need and support and therefore work on behalf of those who are convinced to commit themselves to the convenience of breastfeeding.

A breastfed child establishes a close affectionate relationship with the mother and this connection manifests in a feeling of self-worth that contributes to mother´s emotional balance.

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon, yet mothers do need information and adequate support in order it to be successful. The fact that our previous generations were not breastfeeding generates a situation where mothers no longer pass this knowledge on to their daughters. This in turn gives rise to insecurity, doubts and contradicting myths.

We offer you consultations before, during and immediately after birth with the aim to guarantee a successful breastfeeding experience.

In addition, we also offer support mothers who wish to restart breastfeeding because they had to stop for some reason or they are adopting a child.

Remember that mother´s milk is the first experience of love in the family.