Birth Preparation Course

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Childbirth preparation

We offer expectant parents physical and psychological preparation for pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that both of them become informed and participate actively in their mutual process in which they develop ideas, reflect what they are going through and form opinions in order to be able to take responsibility and make their decisions. We support the woman in regaining her trust and recalling that birth-giving is a natural process, that we all know how to do it, and that it is a beautiful and transcendental part of life.


<br><br>In order to be prepared it is useful to have information about what is to come and let go of the fears that rise both in mother and father when facing a new experience. Knowing about physical and psychological changes that come along with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum recovery makes it possible for both to enjoy this new phase in their lives to the fullest.

What expect from our courses

We provide you with updated and documented information about pregnancy, birth and postpartum in order for you to be able to make the most confident decisions possible.
We explain you different types of births so that you have an objective overview and can make a conscious choice.

We tackle myths and truths so often surrounding pregnancy and birth.


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