Maternity Packages

Celebrate the arrival of your baby with complete tranquility and the support of our team of professionals specializing in humanized childbirth.

Humanized Birth

In Salud Primal, we embrace the approach of Humanized Birth.

In Salud Primal, we embrace the approach of humanized childbirth, where your well-being and that of your baby are fundamental.
Our philosophy is based on the freedom of choice to welcome the world as you deserve.

Continuos support
A dedicated team that will be by your side throughout the entire process
No unnecessary interventions
We avoid routine medical procedures.
Rooming-in with your baby
You will be with your baby from birth and at all times.
Freedom of movement
You can move as you need and find your most comfortable position.
Spontaneous pushing
We respect your natural rhythm
Delayed cord clamping
Multiple benefits for your baby from delayed cord clamping
Freedom of choice
Your voice is our guide; you make the informed and personalized decisions
Immediate bonding
We encourage skin-to-skin contact
Breastfeeding support
We provide support for immediate breastfeeding.
Your birth, your decision

In Salud Primal, you have the freedom to decide who will accompany you on this special journey.

Whether you prefer the care of a gynecologist, midwife, and/or doula, we are here to support your choice and make your experience unforgettable.

Childbirth does not need unnecessary interventions; it requires a team that protects and respects your decisions.

Our Environments

Multiple alternatives to welcome your baby.

Where would you like to give birth? The choice is yours!

Home Birth

Welcome your baby from the comfort of your home, surrounded by your environment and loved ones

Birth at our
Birthing Center

A space designed to provide you with comfort and tranquility, in an intimate and secure environment

Humanized Birth and Cesarean Section at the Hospital

A respectful and humanized experience in a hospital setting.

A confidential warm secure space to welcome your baby.

At Salud Primal, we offer you a unique and special space. Our birthing suite has been carefully designed to provide you with comfort and security during your labor.

Here, you can expect an environment that respects your wishes and needs, allowing you to give birth smoothly and naturally, surrounded by love and support

Humanized Cesarean Section

A Special Welcome: Your Cesarean Section with Love.

We understand that, at times and for various reasons, the path to the birth of your baby may lead to a cesarean section. At Salud Primal, we strive to ensure that this moment is equally unique and meaningful.

A cesarean section can and should also be an unforgettable experience, where the baby, the mother, and her partner finally have the opportunity to meet for the first time after months of anticipation.

Humanized cesarean section combines the skill of performing major surgery with the creation of an environment in which the mother is fully conscious and connected with the birth of her baby. Each cesarean section at Salud Primal is a unique and exciting moment that we celebrate with love and respect.

Immediate bonding with your baby
Rooming-in with your baby
Delayed cord clamping
Breastfeeding support
Our Packages

Maternity Packages

Discover our exclusive offers designed especially for this special stage of your life


* To provide agreed care, 100% payment of the total is REQUIRED; otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse care.
** The consultations included in the care packages are valid within the first month.
*** Validity from October 2023 to December 2023.

Additional Services

Discover our complementary services

At Primal Health, we offer a range of additional services to help you experience motherhood more fully.
Among our offerings, you will find:

Placental Medicine
Placental Medicine
The sacred medicine to accompany your emotional and physical transformation in motherhood. It helps restore energy, balance hormones, improve mood, and much more.
Discover its benefits!
Childbirth Preparation Course
Childbirth Preparation Course
A comprehensive program that provides you with essential knowledge and tools for a safe and positive childbirth.
Herbal Bath and Postpartum Closure
Herbal Bath and Postpartum Closure
Recover with our exclusive postpartum treatment! Release toxins, eliminate retained fluids, and help revitalize your body.
Herbal Yoni Steam
Herbal Yoni Steam
Discover the relaxation and healing of vaginal steaming. Restore the warmth your body needs and strengthen your uterus. Each carefully selected herb serves a special purpose. Allow yourself this moment of well-being!

Birth Stories at Salud Primal

More Services

Additional Services

At Salud Primal, we go above and beyond to provide you with unique options. Your experience is the most important thing for us.

Rent Salud Primal's Birthing Suite
Welcome your baby in a warm and secure environment, with your own support team, for a birth respected in your own way.
  • Salud Primal staff during your stay
  • Childbirth care supplies kit*
  • Inflatable birthing pool  and assembly kit
* Some supplies may incur an additional cost.
** Full payment is required before the 36th week of gestation to secure your childbirth care.
*** Space rental: maximum 12 hours.
Birth Support Services
We offer doula services that embrace the entire process of your childbirth:
  • Doula fees
  • First acquaintance appointment
  • 24/7 phone communication starting from week 37
  • Support at home or hospital from the active phase of labor, through birth and postpartum
  • Postpartum visit the next day
* 100% payment required to guarantee care. No service will be provided without full payment. ** Included consultations valid during the first month.

Make the best choice for your baby's birth

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