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Nutrition consultations

We are immersed in a process of rapid industrialization where the number of unnaturally grown and produced foods with a low nutritional value is increasing day by day.

At Salud Primal we tackle the topic of a whole human being from biological, psychological and social point of view offering nutrion consultations that adapt to one´s state of being holistically. Instead of restricting certain foods we aim to create balance in order to achieve one´s goals. The good outcomes of a treatment can only be seen if the changes in one´s habits are introduced gradually, constantly and with joy – experiencing health as a way of life.

Salud Primal

Nutrition consultations are addressed to:

❤️ More than 6 month old brest-fed babies who are being introduced to other foods.
❤️ Families that wish to change their eating habits as the relationships between human beings that are created among the family will last for the rest of the life.
❤️ Pregnant women who wish to control their weight during pregnancy, discover foods that have a high nutritional value and support biological formation of the baby.
❤️ People with obesity problems or overweight and wish to change their habits in order to improve their quality of life.
❤️ People with health problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, malnutrition etc.

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