The birth providers at Salud Primal are credentialed by Waterbirth International.

Giving birth in water is another option to consider when preparing for birth. What is more, water birth also forms a part of a non-interventionist philosophy. It is a beautiful and respectful way of birthing and being born and is practiced in many countries like: Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, the UK, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador among many others.

Known benefits of water labor and water birth:

  • Woman feels relief for the gravity is not pulling her downwards.
  • En el agua se libera la fuerza de gravedad.
  • The body is less prone to send out stress-related hormones such as noradrenaline and catecholamines in water and therefore the liberation of oxytocin is made easier.
  • Water reduces blood pressure .
  • Provides analgesic effect.
  • Softens perineal tissues and reduces tears and the need for episiotomy
  • If birth is gentle and easy for mother it is so for baby as well .

When a labouring woman has “comforts” such as water at her disposal she is more able to turn inwards and flow smoothly through the process of birth.

Mother chooses in which position she wishes to give birth in water.

It is recommended to get into the water in the active phase the cervix dilated to at least 5 cm. The relaxing effect of the water may slow labor when entering too early. Nonetheless, it is the mother who decides when the time is right.