Humanized birth

Humanized Birth

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Humanized Birth

Biological birth is a process in which the fetus, the placenta and the membranes leave the uterus, pass the birth canal and come out. Humanized birth in its essence means freedom to move and think. As a care provider it is to observe a family being born in a calm and patient manner.

The main obstacle in giving birth naturally is a wide and cultural inability to understand the psychology of childbirth. We have to rediscover woman´s basic needs during labor. She ought to feel herself secure at the moment of giving birth, having privacy, peace in mind, dim lights etc. We are to create an environment where the future mothers feel confident and sexually fulfilled.

I see the way we are being born profoundly connected to our relationships with nature, science, health, medicine, freedom, to human relationships especially those between woman and man. My strategy is to support the freedom of movement, let the labor starts on its own in a natural way while being present and attentive throughout the process of birth.

A gentle birth without rushing

At Salud Primal we offer the option to have a gentle birth without rushing. The couples are free to act as they wish at the moment of birth and the doctors act with common sense respecting the laws of nature. We remain in the corner of the room, expectant and observe that labor progresses normally. Attending and respecting the needs of a woman who is bringing life into this world as well as those of the new family being born is the very core of our attention.

We offer a humanized approach to birth respecting the laws of nature, letting birth happen gently while being engraved in woman’s and her family’s life.

Woman who is mentally & healthy” very often finds herself facing a variety of worries and a pile of fears that emerge during pregnancy. As a gyneco-obstetrician I consider it of the utmost importance that the woman feels empowered during birth care and am in favor of vaginal deliveries. It is important to have patience during different phases of labor and so avoid unnecessary interventions.

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