The Birth of Mel

The Birth of Mel

May 12, 2020. I woke up anxious because I had an appointment with the obstetrician, I also woke up energetic, something difficult in the last month of pregnancy, I had breakfast and then I decided to shower, shave, make up and fix my hair.

We went to the consultation and I already felt my belly stiffen for a few seconds, but I didn’t feel any pain, just the pressure on my belly. In the consultation, everything was fine, we saw Mel, his heartbeat, the degree of the placenta and I commented that I felt that Mel would come before the scheduled date for 06.06.2020. At the end of the consultation we went to another room to sign the birth contract, since we were already 36 weeks and 4 days old. We agreed on the birth details, as I would like it to be, and I also delivered my birth plan.

We went home and ordered a light lunch, my tummy still came and went with some contractions, but I felt fine. While lunch did not arrive, I decided to vacuum the house. We finally had lunch and I relaxed, I left the table and went to sit on the couch and wow the bag exploded. It was a water bath and I asked my husband to tell the doctor. They soon created a WhatsApp group with the team, the doctor, the doula, and the photographer so everyone was on the lookout. The bag broke but I had no rhythmic contractions, so at night we went back to Salud Primal to check if everything was okay, and it was, everything was fine.

We slept and the next day there were no contractions, at noon we returned to the clinic and the doctor indicated induction and we accepted. I took 1/4 of the misoprostol, we went home and at 1 in the afternoon the contractions started. Around 3 in the afternoon we returned to the clinic because the contractions were already frequent, the team was already waiting for us, doctor Estefania and doula Lin were 2 wonderful women essential in my labor that brought strength and feminine confidence to the environment.

Gui ❤️ my husband, partner, friend and my great love was the main piece by my side, he accompanied me at all times, vibrated good energies and connected with me with his feminine and masculine side, balancing all the energy that would be needed for our great moment . All the magic of childbirth has begun, the contractions are moments that disconnect you from now and take you to an interior that was unknown until then, it is 60 seconds on this journey.

Active phase – ok ✅

Transition phase: I screamed for a hospital and an epidural, while walking from side to side, I got into the bathtub, I lay down, I went to the bathroom, to the shower, to the ball and it was such a crazy phase that there was a moment where Gui ended up in the bathtub to relax a bit, giving me strength while I was out 😂
Expulsion phase: Mel arrived and it was exactly as I imagined, with her father receiving her.

And there they were, Dr. Misael (my obstetrician, an exceptional doctor who accompanied me during my pregnancy and believed that a natural birth was possible), Dr. Estefania, the doula Lin who did not let go of my hand with each expulsion contraction, and Albany as photographer who recorded every moment and made it magical.

My delivery was at the Salud Primal clinic, a humanized birth center in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Mel was born at 8:10 pm on May 13, 2020 with 44 cm and 2,090 kg.

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