The way Gaia arrived

The way Gaia arrived

I think it is very important that as women and as families we share our experience when we talk about childbirth; It is important that we pay attention to the way our babies arrive in the world and that is why I would love to tell you how Gaia arrived on July 18 of 2020.

I broke my water early in the morning on the 16th. When it happened I was quite excited and told my partner that the time had come and our baby would soon arrive. We both knew it was just the beginning and since I had no contractions we went back to sleep and hoped there would be a change. In the morning I told Dr. Misael and my doula Mailén, they both told me to be attentive to any contraction and that’s how it was… but nothing. The afternoon came and still nothing, I must admit that i was a little anxious and Mailén recommended that I write a letter to my baby telling her how i felt and to explain that i was ready to receive her when she wanted to arrive; Fernando and I went to sleep calm and sure that everything would be fine and that we would have to wait a little longer.

The next morning I woke up without any contractions or discomfort and continued to lose fluid. Mailén wrote to me asking how we had woken up and if there was any change; Immediately I received a message from Dr. Misael asking the same thing, I told him that everything was still the same then he told me that it had been a long time since he had ruptured membranes and that it was best that we meet in Salud Primal to see the baby, listen to the heart rate and see if it was already embedded. At that  moment I knew that it was better to take all the things I had prepared for the birth, something inside me told me that the time was approaching.

 When we arrived at Salud Primal, Dr. Misael explained to us that Gaia was very well, she had a double loop of the cord but her heart rate was perfect, the problem was that she had not embedded in and i had not yet started labor and it seems that will not be starting soon; So Dr. Misael, always aware of our decision of a respected birth as possible, presented us with some options so that Gaia will come with us and neither of us would take unnecessary risks. He recommended that I take a pill to start contractions, this pill was not synthetic oxytocin – which was what I least wanted – it was a pill that would merely help me start the first contractions and from then on it would be Gaia’s job and mine to continue with it. I must accept that at the beginning it was a bit disappointing to hear that the delivery would not be in Salud Primal and that I would have to take that pill but as always Mailén helped me by telling me that my baby was coming and that the way I did it would be perfect As long as I continued to accompany her on this trip, Fernando was by my side the whole time, so we went to eat together and celebrate that our baby would soon arrive.

We arrived at the Ixchel hospital at 5 pm and at that moment I took the pill, we entered the room and immediately began to adapt it together with Dr. Estefanía, to make the room our own space. The first contractions began at 6, they were very light and I began to adopt the positions that Estefanía and Mailén had recommended.

That first stage was one of recognition, my body began to travel and inhabit those contractions that I had heard so much about and it is worth mentioning that I enjoyed the first ones a lot because I knew that the journey was beginning. Little by little the intensity increased and then I did need the help of Fernando, my partner to help me with massages, with affection and with his strength, at the first vaginal examination. Dr. Misael came and told me that we were 2cm which I He encouraged me to continue and at the same time reminded me that there was a long way to go to reach 10cm. Between contractions I felt very protected by the whole team, they took my baby’s heart rate to know that everything was under control and they supported me emotionally to continue on the journey to childbirthland. When the second vaginal examination came I was already uncomfortable and I remember that it was a bit difficult to cope, I also remember that I did not hear anything about the dilation and that made me think that maybe things were not going so well. Right away my partner and the Salud Primal team began to tell me to move more and to do the squatting posture, even though it was very intense. Thus passed the time between contraction and contraction and became more and more intense. I just wanted and thought about hot water and all those contractions I spent sitting on the toilet in the bathroom while my partner massaged my back. I remember I told Mailén that I already needed hot water, but she told me that it was important to know how much cervical dilation I had before entering the water and the doctor just arrived to give me a third vaginal examination and I really believed that I would not resist it, I took advantage that there was no contraction and we went to bed for the check up. Oh surprise it took me when Misael said that I was already 7cm, so I ran into the water and it was a great relief to cope with the last contractions, after a while of being in the water I told them that I felt like I wanted to push, but they were not yet Strong then they told me that it would be better to get out of the shower to prepare for the next phase and I felt that the time to meet my baby was approaching. My body asked me to squat down and at four points of support, I remember that I got under the hospital bed when the expulsive phase began, I felt that I was protected there and it was the right place for my baby to be born.

I remember this phase was difficult, but it reminded me that I was so close to meeting my baby that I had to go through that last bit of effort to do so. Not even the famous ring of fire that they told me so much about was as strong as they said, when I felt her head come out I felt a great relief and emotion, I was ready for the last contraction and I waited for it with all the strength and love possible, when I felt that I remember everyone supporting me and telling me that she was coming. In the last contraction she came out at 4:22 AM and peeking out from under my legs I could see that it was a girl who was my Gaia who came with us.

Immediately I hugged her and I knew that I had just known unconditional love, I immediately took her to my chest and from that moment she has been like that.

The Salud Primal  team helped me in every step of the way to transform myself as a human being and above all as a mother, there is a before and after childbirth. Women, let’s continue to strengthen ourselves as mammals and as women performing our motherhood and let us welcome these divine beings in the most natural way possible!

Infinite thanks to Mailen, Estefanía and Dr. Misael.

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