Classes Begin on November 4th

Primal Connection

Childbirth preparation classes

What does it offer Primal Connection?

Based on the 6 practices for a safe and healthy childbirth and the LAMAZE fundamentals, this course offers you evidence-based information as a means to reconnect with your innate ability to give birth.

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Classes start on Friday, November 4th
17:00 to 19:30HRS
5 sessions of 2.5 hrs duration each
Limited availability

Lamaze based Childbirth Course

When to take it

We recommend taking it during the second trimester, although you can attend as soon as you know about your pregnancy.

How long does it last

The course lasts 5 sessions. The meetings are weekly, lasting 2 hours and a half, each.

Who is it aimed at

It is recommended to attend as a couple, although you can take it alone or with anyone who is closely linked to your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.

A very complete course

We cannot deny that we are a trinomial: body, mind, spirit. This course is aimed at all three:
You will receive evidence-based information that will allow you to make informed decisions for your pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and early parenting.
Movement is key to a healthy delivery: you will put into practice techniques for pain management in labor, exercises to help position the baby and facilitate labor. You will receive exercise recommendations to do at home, with and without a ball, for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
Every new or challenging situation in our life presents opportunities for self-observation, reflection, and transformation. Pregnancy is a time of introspection and in childbirth "the chrysalis becomes a butterfly": They will be invited to reflect on motherhood, fatherhood and the conquest of the BEING, finding tools for self-transformation in the birth process



Giving birth: The ritual of passage

Goals of preparing for labor
Why it is necessary to prepare as a couple
Humanized childbirth
Practices for a healthy and safe delivery
Increasing confidence in the ability to give birth
Physical, emotional, and spiritual labor
The opportunity for growth


Understanding the birthing process
Reconnect trust in instinct
Hormones involved
Exploring threats
Creating the birthing environment
Relaxation technique

Labor: Stages and Phases

Physiological childbirth: stages and phases
Recognition of each phase
When to go to the hospital / clinic or call the doctor or midwife
Recognize prepartum
What to do at home phase
Postures during labor


How to get a good start
Colostrum and breast milk
How Breastfeeding Works
Identify a good attach
Signs that baby is eating enough
Milk extraction
Who to turn to when in doubt
How to promote successful breastfeeding
How long to breastfeed
Benefits of breastfeeding


The body during postpartum
Common symptoms and warning signs
Immediate postpartum
The quarantine:
Baby blues
Life with a baby at home
The couple in the postpartum
Back to normal
Postpartum plan
Postpartum closure

To this class you could also attend with your baby!

Pregnancy: The Chrysalis

Female cycle
Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy
Understanding physiological labor
Recommendations for a healthy pregnancy

Emotions during pregnancy
The mirror towards one’s own history
Exploring parenthood
Reflecting on our lifestyle
Guided visualization

Expulsive and deliver of placenta

It’s already 10cm … now what
Physiology of the expulsive stage
Promote the baby to descend
Mom and baby work as a team
Time to birth
Benefits of spontaneous pushing
Avoid tears
Positions for expulsive
What the placenta looks like
How long does it take to deliver, how to cope with it
Breastfeeding and placenta

Cesarean Section and Medical Interventions

When a cesarean is necessary and when not
Routine medical interventions
How to avoid a cesarean section
Medical interventions that may arise in the first stage of labor
Possible interventions during the second stage
Possible interventions in the third stage
How to avoid unnecessary interventions

Birth Plan

Review of phases and stages
Address the unpredictable
Fear of what we can’t control
Emotions around childbirth and postpartum
How to make a birth plan


A weekly session - 2:30hrs duration each session
A weekly session - 3:00hrs duration each session
We can organize a course with private sessions for you as well
Ask us for prices and more details

Complementary Classes

Check calendar- Bimonthly dates

Pain management in birth

Theoretical-practical class of techniques
Relaxation and comfort measures for the pain management in labor
Create the environment for delivery
Guided visualization
Ice exercise
Massage during labor
The 5 senses in labor

Babywearing and Birth stories

Shared session with couples who recently welcomed their babies
Hear a birth story from an invited couple
Baby’s First Year and a Half: Physiological Development
Porting benefits
Practice of using shawl for pregnancy and with newborn

A esta clase puedes asisitir embarazada o regresar posteriormente con tu bebé

The postpartum hour and the baby
Session with Pediatrician

Importance of the first postpartum hour
Attachment and breastfeeding bond
How the baby lives the birthing process
Normal appearance of the baby at birth
Routine procedures in the baby
Unnecessary interventions
Role of the pediatrician at birth
Newborn care

Other Services

Postpartum Closure

A private session, exclusively for postpartum women. Recognize the postpartum period with all its ups and downs. Receive support and close both the pregnancy that ended and the body that needs to close after giving birth.

Includes:  massage, herbal bath and closing with shawl

$ 2,000.00 - Two hours of duration
Call us to make your appointment FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS

Belly paint

Shared session with other women living this stage of their life, in which they receive a painting on their belly, made with body paint, hypoallergenic, water-based.
Ideal to celebrate your pregnancy or give away for baby showers or photoshoot!
You can come accompanied. During the session, we will discuss pregnancy and delivery options.

GRUPAL $ 800.00 (Monthly dates)
PRIVATE: $ 1000.00 (Telephone appointments for Friday or Saturday)

The Specialists

A team of certified perinatal educators and doulas who will also be available for personal care during your delivery

Mailen Parmigiani Educadora LAMAZE en Curso Preparto de Salud Primal


Doula y Educadora Perinatal

Co-fundadora de la Fundación Osa Mayor. Desde 2014 imparte cursos de educación perinatal, acompañamiento al parto como doula y asesorías de lactancia  tanto en Playa del Carmen como en Tulum. Ejerce como Educadora perinatal, Doula y asesora de lactancia en Salud Primal. Paralelamente, participa en la casa de las parteras Osa Mayor, en Tulum, como educadora perinatal y gestora de los talleres de crianza, lactancia y ablactación. Todo esto mientras continúa sus estudios de partería Tradicional en la Cueva de la partera, a cargo de Sabrina Speich .


Psicóloga y Doula

Psicóloga Clínica recibida en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina  en 2013. Formada como Doula con especialización en Puerperio y crianza en el 2014-2015 y desde entonces ha trabajado en espacios terapéuticos para las mamás y  familias de forma individual y grupal. Atención como doula  en todo los proceso de la maternidad, gestación, parto, puerperio y crianza en Salud Primal. Facilitadora de Medicina Placentaria. Actualmente acompaña de forma online y presencial en Cursos de preparación al Nacimiento. Brinda sostén emocional con mirada psicologica en los ciclos de la mujer, especificamente la maternidad. Realiza Terapias individuales y grupales de forma online y presencial. Paralelamente conformando el equipo de La cueva de la Partera junto a Sabrina Speich, Tulum, como  doula. Actualmente formándose como Docente del Método Frida Kaplan Embarazo y Nacimiento Eutonico.

Preparing for the most important meeting of your life makes a difference.

Evidence-based information to reconnect with your innate ability to give birth


The course is offered twice a week and you can choose which day to attend your weekly session.

Playa del Carmen

Salud Primal

Friday:  3:00PM a 6:00PM
Saturday :  10:00AM a 12:30PM
Ave 115 esquina con Misión del Oro No.5B, Misión del Carmen,Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo.


Sotik Tulum

Monday: 5:30PM A 8:00PM

La Veleta, Tulum, Q.Roo.

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