Water Birth

Credentialed by Waterbirth International

Giving birth in water is another option to consider when preparing for birth. What is more, water birth also forms a part of a non-interventionist philosophy. It is a beautiful and respectful way of birthing and being born and is practiced in many countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, the UK, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador among many others.

Consider water birth as one more alternative that enables you to give birth in a respected and humanized manner. If the water is calling you then this is your birthing environment!


Humanized Birth

Biological birth is a process in which the fetus, the placenta and the membranes leave the uterus, pass the birth canal and come out. Humanized birth in its essence means freedom to move and think. As a care provider it is to observe a family being born in a calm and patient manner.

As a gyneco-obstetrician I consider it of the utmost importance that the woman feels empowered during birth care and am in favor of vaginal deliveries. It is important to have patience during different phases of labor and so avoid unnecessary interventions.



Ultrasound has significantly transformed obstetrics

During the last 20 years the medical technology has improved and the images we are able to get of our babies become more and more realistic and we are able to detect any fetal abnormalities in a timely manner. As a gyneco-obstetrician I believe it is important to have ultrasound scans throughout pregnancy and suggest women to have them done by a qualified professionals who have gone through a training specializing in certain phases of pregnancy.


Birth Preparation Course

We offer expectant parents physical and psychological preparation for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

So that both of them become informed and participate actively in their mutual process in which they develop ideas, reflect what they are going through and form opinions in order to be able to take responsibility and make their decisions.


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