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Your body is designed to give birth. Live a physical experience and emotionally rewarding!

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About Salud Primal

Our aim is to pass on confidence and support you in this natural process starting from pregnancy and moving on to labor, puerperium and breastfeeding in an involved way by trusting your intuition and letting empathy and inspiration, the human values lacking in many clinics and hospitals, guide you.

We offer an alternative to the families living in Riviera Maya – to give birth in a gentle way feeling confident and surrounded by love. It is a pleasure for us to create a wonderful event as birth will always be unforgettable.

We are your best alternative


We have supported and facilitated the birth of more than 500 babies in an environment of love, freedom and respect

+10 years of experience

We are specialists in humanized childbirth. Since starting our practice our goal has been to serve mothers who are interested in the benefits of woman-centered approach to child-birth that aims for the least amount of doctor intervention.

+73% natural

We always begin with the intention of delivering the babies naturally, not via cesarean section surgery. We strive to improve this ratio to increase the number of natural deliveries

Salud Primal

The services we offer!

Humanized Birth
Humanized Birth

Humanized birth in its essence means freedom to move and think. As a care provider it is to observe a family being born in a calm and patient manner.

Water Birth
Water Birth

Credentialed by Waterbirth International. Giving birth in water is another option to consider when preparing for birth. What is more, water birth also forms a part of a non-interventionist philosophy.


The medical technology has improved and the images we are able to get of our babies become more and more realistic and we are able to detect any fetal abnormalities in a timely manner.

Birth Preparation Courses
Birth Preparation Courses

We offer expectant parents physical and psychological preparation for pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that both of them become informed and participate actively in their mutual process.


Doula is an experienced woman who accompanies another woman during pregnancy, birth and puerperium. She provides continuous support, information, emotional and physical support to pregnant women before, during and after birth.

Lactation Consultant
Lactation Consultant

At Salud Primal we acknowladge this important need and support and therefore work on behalf of those who are convinced to commit themselves to the convenience of breastfeeding.

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