The unexpected journey of Karla toward motherhood

The unexpected journey of Karla toward motherhood

The time came to become parents. After envisioning, planning, researching, and taking a childbirth preparation course, we mentally prepared ourselves to experience a beautiful and humanized water birth.

However, after 12 hours of contractions with no dilation, no inlay of the baby, and two turns of the cord, the water broke, releasing first brown, then green fluid. Oh no! Meconium! My princess didn’t wait and decided to relieve herself, so we headed straight to the hospital for a cesarean section. No, it wasn’t the birth of my dreams, but it was the best. That’s why we must be open and not predispose ourselves: accept and flow.

The entire Salud Primal team is wonderful. My doula, Fran, is an incredible person. She held my hand during the surgery, played music for me, and cared for and assisted me at all times. Dr. Misael did a fantastic job with my operation; the incision is barely visible. The midwife also helped me a lot with breastfeeding advice and techniques, and midwife Estefania was always attentive. In the end, we feel happy and cared for by Salud Primal.

Thank you very much!

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