The birth of Sonny

The birth of Sonny

I knew that everything was going very well because the last week of pregnancy I felt my body settling for the birth and Doctor Misael confirmed it on the last appointment, so we decided to do it at home, in Tulum.

At 5:15 am on September 10 I had my first wave, I felt very excited, I started dancing and I relaxed. At 6 am I woke up my husband to take control of the situation and I got into the shower because the waves were already more intense, I put on my playlist and the first song that sounded was “Hallelujah”, by that time no longer I could keep my eyes open and told my husband that “I was going to get the baby, i would no longer be present.” Then came Mailen, the doula, my great help to maintain confidence and balance. She and my husband were supporting me every minute with beautiful words of encouragement. A while later, Doctor Estefanía arrived to add even better vibes to the moment, also her calm voice and her words helped me a lot.

At 9 am, we could already see the beautiful face of our baby “Sonny”. Right away, Doctor Misael arrived to supervise that everything was in order. It was perfect.

Thanks to the Salud Primal team, for the love they have for their work and their professionalism. Thanks to my husband for loving me so much! and Thanks to Sonny for coming out safe and fast!

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